By Margaret Lyons
Updated January 31, 2011 at 05:17 PM EST

Image Credit: Melissa MoseleyAnchorman? The Notebook? Uh, Shrek? Which movie gets people in the mood? Well, according to a recent study conducted by LA Weekly [link contains NSFW language], UCLA students have gender-specific and frequently baffling taste in what movies to watch before getting frisky: 21 percent of women said The Notebook was the best movie to watch “before having sex,” while 35 percent of men said Star Wars was. Oh, America.

Other nominees from the respective sexes: 8 percent of the ladyfolk thought Titanic was ideal pre-coitus fare; 5 percent of fellas thought American Pie was. Other suggestions from women included Cruel Intentions, Boogie Nights, American Psycho, “hard-core porn,” and Shrek. The gentlemen thought 300, Saw, Anchorman, Boogie Nights, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit were also worthy contenders. Shrek, ladies? Shrek? When did everyone turn into Erin from The Office?

The amount of overlap between the best-list and the worst-list makes me think there are some very lonely people at UCLA. The worst movies to watch before sex, according to the ladies, are Schindler’s List, followed by American Pie, Jackass, The Notebook, Saw, Oh, God and March of the Penguins. I’m guessing one person each wrote down those last two, and all I can say is: You two are national treasures. On the male side, Jackass was deemed the least sexy, followed by Schindler’s List, Brokeback Mountain, My Sister’s Keeper, Anchorman, Precious, and The Crying Game. So if someone invites you over to watch The Notebook or Anchorman, it could go either way! Enjoy the enigma that is romance, I guess.

The worst list could go on and on — Hotel Rwanda and The Pianist seem like glaring omissions to me — but the best-list seems a little harder to compile. Does a sexy movie necessarily make for good date fodder, or does it seem a little on-the-nose? Doesn’t a steamy romance just seem kind of corny?

Don’t let these surveyed college kids have the last word, PopWatchers: What’s the best movie to watch to set the mood? And what’s the worst?