Morning show interviews are generally dismissible fodder used to gradually drag you out of your sleepy state and welcome you to the new day (whether you like it or not). They’re not energy-laden, bleep-fests like, say, Real Housewives reunions, because no one should have to deal with that level of activity before having at least two cups of coffee. So I experienced a sensory overload this morning when Justin Bieber popped into the Today Show and brought his shrieking Biebs Brigade with him.

Just as I was about to give up, Matt Lauer introduced a soft-spoken Bieber fan named Melissa, who was so excited to meet the Biebs, she could barely look at him. “I’ve waited for this moment so long,” she said, turning 90 degrees to her left away from the star while grinning.

Anyone who’s ever gotten a case of the blushes when meeting a celeb crush can sympathize with the girl. And, personally, I couldn’t help but crack a little smile watching her reaction of pure, shy joy. Watch below (around the 5:45 mark) and tell me if you agree, PopWatchers. When they don’t travel in foamy-mouthed packs, aren’t Bieber fans kind of cute?

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