CBS confirmed today that it has ordered two additional episodes of Rules of Engagement to prepare for the possibility that Two and Half Men will have to go on an extended hiatus because of Charlie Sheen’s stint in rehab.

The network may also be close to ordering additional episodes of Mike & Molly, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It’s unlikely that How I Met Your Mother will have to produce additional episodes. “We’re set to do 24 this year, which is the same as we did last year and it’s a big season, and that’s a lot to do,” executive producer Craig Thomas told EW exclusively. “I don’t think we’d never say no to doing a couple of extra episodes if that were to be helpful because we love making the show. We would probably make it work. It’s just speculation at this point. I haven’t heard anything about that. It’s certainly possible. It’s great to have a big order like 24. Sometimes it’s 22, but it’s nice to be doing 24 episodes. It’s good in light of the stories we’re telling. It feels like it’s going to take that many to sort of finish the story of this season.”

Meanwhile, some wild reports have surfaced that not only allege that Sheen will receive a cash bonus for completing a rehab program, but that he’s undergoing treatment from the comfort of his own home. A key source debunked the payoff rumor, while Sheen’s spokesman had only this to say about his client’s treatment: “In compliance with the national health privacy laws (HIPPA), no further information relating to Charlie Sheen’s health or his rehab experience will be released without his written permission. I can say that all of us who know Charlie care about him very much. We will support him in any we can in this journey, beginning by respecting his privacy.”

TMZ reported that Sheen’s treatment could take three months. (Additional reporting by Sandra Gonzalez)

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