By Dave Karger
January 30, 2011 at 02:00 PM EST

Image Credit: Cook AllenderOne of the most high-profile sales at Sundance this year was IFC’s purchase of The Ledge, an ensemble drama exploring issues of faith wrapped inside a romantic thriller. At the start of the film, a young man named Gavin (played by British actor Charlie Hunnam) steps out onto a ledge high above Baton Rouge. Soon a police detective (Terrence Howard) begins trying to talk him down, and we soon learn that Gavin is not on the ledge by choice. In flashbacks we see that he’s developed a relationship with his married neighbor (Liv Tyler) after befriending her and her deeply religious husband (Patrick Wilson).

The Ledge was certainly one of the more polarizing entries at Sundance this year. But the cast was in great spirits when they stopped by our EW photo and digital studio. Here I talk to Howard, Wilson, Tyler, costar Christopher Gorham, and director Matthew Chapman (star Hunnam couldn’t make it to Park City) about how they lightened the mood during the intense shoot and whether they actually filmed the movie on a real ledge. (Short answer: Yes.)

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