Image Credit: Ron Galella/WireImage.comI think for most people, Jonathan Knight has always been their third or fourth favorite member of New Kids on the Block. (Always above Danny, possibly above pre-acting Donnie.) But after Tiffany accidentally “outed” him recently on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live when talking about dating him back in the day, he went to No. 1 for me with a bullet. Jonathan was always the quiet, shy one. I never knew he had such a good sense of humor until I visited his Twitter page after the “news” broke: At Sundance, he tweeted his excitement about a potential celebrity sighting: “Rumor has it Oprah is here! #carsforeveryone! #We’regooooooingtoAuuuuuustralia! #MaybethatreallywasGayle.” Returning to Boston, he lamented not enjoying the experience to its fullest: “Oprah wasn’t having it when I ran up to her and said ‘Oprah its Jon, your long lost half brother’! #thingsthatdidntgosowellatsundance.”

On Jan. 25, Knight’s publicist told EW, “Jonathan has never publicly spoken about his sexuality and doesn’t intend to start.” But today, he broke his silence on the members’ only NKOTB blog with a post titled “TO ALL MY FANS WHO HAVE EXPRESSED CONCERN.” Courtesy of a screengrab via Towleroad, we can all read it:

You have to respect Knight for not wanting to do some cover story now just because NKOTBSB has a tour to promote (even if the tale of how he managed to be openly gay, and yet maintain his privacy for nearly two decades, is one you’d love to hear). And man, that “If there ever has been any confusion about my sexuality, then you are someone that doesn’t even know me!” line is effective. For the record, when I contacted his publicist, it was just so I could confirm Tiffany’s statement was accurate so I could write a version of the post you’re reading now, about how he’s suddenly become more interesting and my favorite New Kid — which is saying a lot considering I have a high school yearbook full of classmates wishing me a lifetime of happiness with his brother Jordan. Has Jonathan changed position for any other New Kids fans who thought their order of favorites was cemented long ago?

P.S. Jonathan is aware he has an affinity for exclamation points. Earlier today he tweeted, “Today I was told I use the exclamation point too much. Meet my new friend —->(.)” “Oh forget it!!!!!!!!!!! Periods are no fun anyway, right?”