Image Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos; Glenn Harris/PR Photos; Solarpix/PR PhotosNow that the next James Bond movie is back in action — with a November 2012 release date, and with Daniel Craig cast once again as super suave secret agent 007 — we have just one question: Who should play the next Bond baddie? Rumors have been swirling since even before the 23rd Bond film was put on hold last April (thanks to money problems at MGM) that Rachel Weisz was up for the part. That would be cozy casting, considering she’s rumored to be Craig’s girlfriend. There’s also been long-whispered rumors that Michael Sheen was being courted by the Bond producers. Both are interesting choices to play successors to the likes of Gert Fröbe and Donald Pleasence, but I’ve always felt that the best Bond villains always loom much larger on the screen, both physically and theatrically — and are usually bald. Whose head would we want to shave for the part? Maybe Christoph Waltz’s? His villainous Nazi in Inglourious Basterds pretty much stole that film. Or, if it had to be an Englishman, how about Ricky Gervais’? After his performance at the Golden Globes, he’s certainly proven he can do evil. We have no idea if he can act, but WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has both the looks and the name for the part. Or how about Alec Baldwin? He’s quite capable of going over the top.

What about you, Pop Watchers? What actor do you most want to see with a white cat in his or her lap?

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