Image Credit: TURE LILLEGRAVEN FOR EWOf the 10 movies I saw over the weekend I spent at Sundance, hands down the best one was Tyrannosaur, the directorial debut of English actor Paddy Considine (In America). Based on Considine’s 2007 BAFTA-winning short film Dog Altogether, Tyrannosaur stars powerhouse Scottish actor Peter Mullan (My Name Is Joe, Boy A) as a rage-filled West Yorkshire alcoholic who develops a shaky friendship with an unhappily-married woman who works at a Christian charity store. The lead female role is played by Olivia Colman, a British comedian in an atypically dramatic performance.

The movie is not easy to sit through — let’s just say it begins with Mullan’s character kicking his pet dog to death — but it ends up being tremendously affecting, thanks to the monumental performances by Mullan and Colman as two people with far too much baggage ever to be able to maintain any kind of healthy relationship. But despite the flurry of sales at Sundance, including several dark dramas, Tyrannosaur remains distributor-free at the moment. That’s too bad: With the right kind of release, it’s a film that could gain awards attention from the British Independent Film Awards and maybe even the BAFTAs.

You all know how much I loved Blue Valentine when I first saw it at Cannes. Well, no movie has had this profound an effect on me since then, until now. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Considine, Mullan, and Colman at our EW photo studio. Watch me fawn all over them in the video interview below.