If Jason Statham played a gun-toting priest in a film based on true events, you’d probably want to see that movie, right? Well, that will never happen. But if you go see The Rite and The Mechanic in a double-bill of “Films where callow young men learn a dangerous job from a bald Englishmen,” your brain might just fuse both movies into one beautiful mash-up. (The Right Mechanic!) EW’s Keith Staskiewicz thinks The Rite will carry the weekend box office, with last week’s No Strings Attached a distant second and The Mechanic an even-more-distant third. (Never doubt the eternal appeal of Anthony Hopkins acting freaky.) That leaves The Green Hornet and The King’s Speech at the bottom of the top five.

But what do we know? PopWatchers, what movie will you be watching this weekend? Will you watch the millionth movie made about a morally ambiguous hitman, or the millionth movie made about a troubled priest? Tell us what you’ll be seeing in the poll after the jump, and if you feel like it, tell us why in the comments!