If casting is everything in a movie, then Peep World, a movie that feels like another Royal Tenenbaums, has a prayer. In the film, directed by Barry Blaustein (The Ringer), a writer (Ben Schwartz) folds all his wealthy family’s dark secrets into a best-selling book and is hailed as “the new voice of a generation.” There’s Sarah Silverman as the unemployable actress-wannabe sister who slept with the entire cast of Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding. There’s a grizzled Rainn Wilson as the family’s dim-witted black sheep. And there’s Michael C. Hall as the loyal son who murders his family’s enemies with a vengeance who is called in to pick up the pieces when others fall. Plus: Judy Greer! Check it out after the jump.

Did you recognize Lewis Black doing the trailer’s voice-over?

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