''The Good Wife'' star opens up ... or does he?

We put the persuasive abilities of the 33-year-old actor — who plays smooth-talking lawyer Cary Agos on CBS’ The Good Wife — to the test by asking him to tell us three things about himself. The trick is, only one of them is true. Guess which one. (See answer below.)

1. ”I have a tattoo of a Japanese symbol for the word opportunity. It’s not on my lower back, but it’s on a private area.”

2. ”I was thinking about becoming a lawyer before I was a fake lawyer on The Good Wife. I actually took the LSATs, but I did horribly.”

3. ”The first movie that ever affected me was Jaws. I couldn’t go into the water for two months — I was terrified to go in because of sharks.”

Answer: 2 is True