The first cut of Terrence Malick’s existential war film The Thin Red Line supposedly had a running time of five hours. To cut it down to a more “manageable” three hours, he had to chop out a huge swath of film — including practically the entire performance of nominal lead Adrien Brody. So don’t think of Jackass 3.5 as a shameless recycling of deleted scenes. Think of it as Jackass 3: The Adrien Brody Edition. “When we made Jackass 3D, we shot too much,” explains Dave England in the new preview clip. Wee-Man adds, “Now we have all this extra great footage, and we put it together and made Jackass 3.5.” (Wee-Man says this while wearing a leprechaun outfit.) The film, which will debut on Joost on April 1, features balloons, biplanes, and a pivotal sequence where Steve-O gets a butt-bite from a turtle. Watch the trailer below:

Excited for more Jackass? Or, like me, are you still secretly waiting for Wildboyz: The Movie?

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