Image Credit: John Paul Filo/CBS; Giovanni Rufino/The CW; Jordan Nuttal/The CW; Adam Taylor/CBSWhat is it about Leighton Meester that makes her so incredibly pair-able with others? Whether she’s standing beside Chuck or Dan (or Minka Kelly, for that matter), she simply oozes chemistry. Well, whatever “it” is, it makes for great TV (and perhaps also movies that you really want to see despite a fear of losing self respect). This week, I talked chemistry and more with Blair Waldorf’s amazing puppetmasters, Stephanie Savage and Josh Safran, who dish about what we can expect next from our favorite schemer and the rest of the gang. I also spoke with Matt Czuchry (insert tiny cartoon hearts here) about The Good Wife, dug up some dirt on Supernatural‘s (now postponed) return, spoke with Rachelle Lefevre about Off the Map, and much more.

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Everyone had a personal OMG moment at the end of Gossip Girl‘s 2010 run when we saw a tiny — and sort of unexpected — spark between the show’s indisputably smartest characters Dan and Blair. Love it or hate it (WHO WOULD HATE IT?!), there’s going to be more Dair in our future. But how much, and will there be romance? I went to executive producers Stephanie Savage and Josh Safran for answers.

“I don’t know that we’re even conceiving them that way at this point,” Savage says of a possible Dair-ing romance. “I think any time there is a strong intellectual connection and people have shared interest, where they enjoy bantering with each other, there is always potential for a romantic spark. That is inherent. So we’ll be exploring that in the next set of episodes.”

Image Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty ImagesJust don’t expect it to be a flawless journey, especially as Dan joins Blair at W magazine for an internship. “It may be that Dan didn’t think it was a Dan thing either, perhaps,” Savage says with a laugh when asked about Dan’s new, uncharacteristically fabulous job.

“We’ve always talked about it, they’ve had a lot in common. We feel like any time they’re together — even when they hate each other — it’s delicious,” says Safran. Agreed.

As for loyal Chair (Chuck + Blair) fans disappointed by the pair’s lack of interaction in the first episode back, you can look forward the Feb. 7 episode. “Each one realizes that the only person who can actually do the thing they need is the other, and they end up working together in a really fun way,” Savage says. Safran adds: “Chuck and Blair are never far apart from each other.”

Bonus bits: Eric’s getting a “fun and unusual” new arc; after a few rough episodes, Lily is on a new path; the show’s first Valentine’s Day episode will feature one of Gossip Girl‘s most lavish and lovely parties yet, which is thrown by Chuck at a mansion outside of town; and newbie father-daughter pair Russell and Raina are sticking around until the end of the season.


Matt Czuchry is as charming and sweet as his character Cary is underhanded (though secretly kind). Nice enough, in fact, to dish in detail about The Good Wife (he also has a completely unrelated, adorable story about going to watch E.T. as a kid that maybe I’ll share with you some day) and Cary’s possible next career move.

Image Credit: John Paul Filo/CBS“I think that if he were to come back to Lockhart/Gardner, the great thing about the writers and the creators is that they don’t repeat old ground. There’s so much packed into every episode, and if he were to come back, it’d be a situation where the dynamic between the entire firm would be completely changed by him coming back,” he says. “Kalinda and Cary have developed this friendship, so how would that affect the dynamic between Cary, Kalinda, and Alicia? And Alicia and Kalinda’s friendship? And if he did come back at a higher position than Alicia, that would be a completely different competitive structure than before.”

And speaking of his fan-favorite connection with Kalinda, Czuchry teases that Cary will not be far behind his new-found ally as trouble finds her in the latter half of the show’s season, which returns with new episodes Feb. 1.

“I’ve seen it grow into a mutual respect and admiration and a friendship. My character has protected Kalinda in a lot ways when she’s been vulnerable and that will continue throughout the next part of this season,” he says. “Basically, there’s this investigation going on of Kalinda, and that storyline, along with the Blake storyline and Cary protecting Kalinda are all going to kind of come to a climax. So we’re going to see that storyline come to a head and their friendship grow because of what he does for her.”

‘Shippers, prepare your fan video-editing software.


Supernatural!!!!!!! — Laura

Okay!!!!!!! The first episode back, now airing Feb. 4, will focus quite a bit on the Sam-almost-killed-Bobby thing. In fact, Bobby finds himself uneasy around the youngest Winchester even though he was recently re-souled. We already know Dean’s his favorite, but Bobby’s reaction will leave you wanting to hug Sam (erm, more than you already want to hug Sam on a normal day). Bonus dish: You will rewind a hotel scene where Dean reads a girl’s diary about 10 times.

THIS has me VERY upset. Supernatural scoop to make me feel better? — Alyson

It’s just a week. I think we’re all going to be okay. I can’t say the same for our brothers Winchester, though, who will be going up against an antagonist of Lilith proportions in the second half of this season. And just as freakin’ creepy — if not more so.

Image Credit: Adam Taylor/ABCI love Brothers and Sisters, but there’s so much shake-up lately that I’m worried about where it’s heading. Any idea what’s in store? — Sam

Matthew Rhys, who spoke with EW’s Lynette Rice earlier this week, certainly does. He did, after all, direct his third episode of the show (airing Feb. 20) that will be “a very interesting blast from Nora’s past sweeping into her life and turns it firmly upside down.”

Brothers and Sisters! We haven’t had scoop in weeks! — Nicole

Good thing for you that Rhys had a very loose (and lovely native) tongue. The bona fide Welshman tells us that Kevin and Scotty’s impending adoption of Olivia will have more than a few kinks in it. “Well, nothing happens in the Walker family without some hiccup. It doesn’t exactly go as we want, and in conjunction with that, there’s an enormous skeleton in our closet that comes back — as there is with every bloody character on this show.” Also in the cards? A returning face during Luc and Sarah’s wedding who will contribute to a “mishap of Titanic proportions.”

Thank you for the great Castle interview. Best one I’ve read! Did you maybe ask them if Laura Prepon might be coming back as Nikki Heat? — Nora

Great minds think alike. I did ask, and creator Andrew Marlowe says, “You know, that’s a question of availability. We are planning an episode where there’s an opportunity toward the end of the season, so hopefully everybody’s schedule will match up.”

Loving Blue Bloods. Scoop please! Thanks. — Kelly

Love will be in the air on the Feb. 9 episode (and I’m not talking about my inappropriate crush on Tom Selleck). It’s Valentine’s Day! But the holiday proves to be a pressure point in the Reagan household and in the case of a young girl’s kidnapping.

Do you have any scoop on the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons episode of Community? – Seth

Besides that it’s going to be awesome? Hmm, well, you probably already know that the group organizes the game after Jeff becomes concerned about “Fat Neil,” (guest star Charley Koontz). And when Pierce finds out they’re doing the game without him, he gets mad and, frankly, goes a little nuts. A new fun fact about the Feb. 3 episode: In the game, Annie is a character called “Hector the Well Endowed,” Chang is a “Dark Elf” and Britta is a warrior named “Lavernica.” Countdown to amazingness starts now.

Parks is back, and I’m so happy, I could cry. Need details on my man Ron’s upcoming reunion with Tammy. — Brent

Well, if you don’t cry from happiness after this scoop, you’ll certainly be crying from laughter at the end of this episode, which features (among other things) Ron sporting cornrows and a kimono. Saying he goes crazy when Tammy (Nick Offerman’s real-life wifey Megan Mullally) reappears would be somewhat accurate. Nay, it would be totally accurate. But he comes back to his senses by the end of the episode, just in time to carry Tom like a baby. You don’t believe me, do you? More Parks scoop from Dan Snierson here.

Thanks for the Detroit 1-8-7 scoop last week. Any news on what’s coming up for Det. Washington? — Drew

I love that so many 1-8-7 fans are coming out of hiding. Now if they’d only come out and watch the show. (P.S. – Your next chance is Feb. 1. Make it happen.) In an upcoming episode, Finch will have to fill out an evaluation of his partner’s performance and “that adds some interesting dynamic to our relationship,” star Michael Imperioli teases.

I can NOT believe they killed Nate on Southland. As Julia Roberts would say, big mistake. Big. Huge. What’s Sammy going to do without him? — Anita

You mean besides go crazy? Kidding. Or not… When I spoke to Kevin Alejandro this week after the big episode, he was coy about the details. “I do know a fair amount of where it’s going, but I’m can’t tell you much. I do know that it does go off, and Sammy goes through a lot. My family goes through their mourning. There’s definitely not going be a story left untold. They get into it.”

Image Credit: Mario Perez/ABCI liked Off the Map, but I agree with others that it has some issues. Is anything good coming up? — Jenn

Well, it’s “good” if you consider the possibility of a sex scene with Martin Henderson “good.” You do? Excellent. So do I. The next episode (airing Feb. 2) will be an introduction of a new storyline for Ryan (Rachelle Lefevre), which has to do with her extracurricular activities. “It starts to get a little personal, which I like. Intimate, if you will,” says Lefevre, who stopped just short of confirming her character would do the deed with Ben. But I’d put my money on it. And in more PG-related scoop, the upcoming episode that finds the two docs doing an underwater amputation will speak to the pair’s bond in a way we haven’t seen before. “As a result of getting along the way they do and the intimacy they share, they work together in this sort of unspoken sort of way, which is perfect because you can’t talk to each other underwater. [It] kind of makes them this perfect pair to go underwater, where all communication except for hand signals is eliminated and they have to figure out how to save this patient and make some really, really tough calls on the fly.”

Nikita, please! — Vanessa

In last night’s episode, you met Nate, Alex’s nice-guy neighbor (played by Lindsay Fonseca’s former Young and the Restless co-star Thad Luckinbill). And while their little connection might blossom into more later, look for Nate to initially act as Alex’s tie to “normal life.” “From the beginning, it’s all so new to her. The parties, the things average people do her age that she has no understanding of, she gets to experience all those things that most people do,” Luckinbill said. But will Nate ever get a taste of Alex’s action-packed world? “It’s possible,” he teased.

Wait a second. Did you say Marlene (Phyllis Somerville) was going to be on Fringe?

Yup. The Big C alum plays a character named Alice Merchant in the episode airing Feb. 18, titled “6B.” No details on who the character is, but you should probably more interested in what the episode title is referencing.

I love Greek. This last season has been amazing! Scoop? — Neela

On the show’s morning-after pill episode airing Feb. 7 (which isn’t controversial as much as it is a darn good episode), Rusty has a low moment. Picture this: Rusty wearing a girl’s sunglasses as he crawls through the dorm on his hands and knees with bloody nipples. Worst hangover ever? Yeah, I think so. And Cappie makes one of the sweetest gestures we’ve ever seen. One word: CappieLand.

Image Credit: Bob Charlotte /PR PhotosSo, I hate to admit that I love Hellcats. Don’t judge, but please spoil. — B

Wow. You really are ashamed — you didn’t even sign your whole name. But come out of the Hellcat closet, B, because it’s about to get really good — especially in the Feb. 8 episode when Marti’s belated initiation turns into a trip down memory lane and we flashback to see how everyone became a Hellcat. ” It gets into everybody’s background, which is really cool,” said star Ashley Tisdale. “It’s really about Marti seeing where we all came from and, obviously, showing how it’s a family. You get to see where that takes us. And with all the drama, you get to see if they actually get back together and form their family again and form trust.”

What can I be looking forward to between Eric & Sookie in season 4 of True Blood? — @Leandi_Cameron

Whatever is in store for the painfully attractive pair, count on a hunky (probably shirtless) werewolf being in the way. Joe Manganiello told us at the Producers Build Awards: “Wherever Sookie goes, Alcide is not going to be that far behind. He is very protective of her in the way that dogs are protective of their owners. Even tiny dogs will bark and stand up to whoever or whatever is threatening their master despite how tiny they are compared to the tormenter. That’s the same theory at the heart of Alcide. Fortunately he is a bit bigger than a purse dog and his bark and bite are pretty ferocious.

LOVING Being Human. Any scoop? — Steve

Next week, the arrival of a fellow ghost (who you saw in the previews) means Sally learns a host of new tricks and a piece of knowledge that might help her reconnect with her fiance . We also get to see Aidan compel someone — and the result is devastating.

(Additional reporting by Lynette Rice and Carrie Bell)

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