Image Credit: Getty ImagesGirl Scout Cookie season is upon us, but according to a panic-inducing article in the Wall Street Journal, “a dozen Girl Scouts councils are testing out a plan to hawk just six different cookies.” You can pry my Samoas from my cold, dead, coconut-covered hands, Girl Scouts of America!

But of course they’re not discontinuing Samoas. Or Thin Mints. Or Tagalongs, or Do-Si-Dos, or Trefoils. (Or Lemon Chalets, even though bleh, please feel free to discontinue those.) They’re just getting rid of the cookie-come-lately flavors, like Dulce De Leche (good, not great), Thank U Berry Munch, All Abouts, and the other varieties no one bought very much of. Enjoy the long slumber, subpar chocolate chip cookie of sadness. When I was a Girl Scout, no one really cared about you anyway.

I’m gonna go sing “On My Honor” and “Make New Friends (But Keep the Old)” to celebrate the remaining deliciousness, not mourn the loss of the other cookies. What about you, PopWatchers?

And just for good measure:

And finally, cookizza!