Readers respond to Joel and Ethan Coen, ''Lights Out,'' and ''The Kennedys''

Bright Forecast
My best friend and I arrived at brunch with the 2011 preview in hand, excited by your compilation of pop culture events and releases. It can be overwhelming trying to keep up, so thank you.
Valerie Brown
New York City

Is that a gold-plated Goldfish cracker dangling from Captain Jack‘s belt on the cover? Love it! What’s the story behind it?
Valerie L. Welch
Middle Grove, N.Y.

Pirates of the Caribbean costume designer Penny Rose responds: The goldfish charm is actually a tooth! The inspiration is unknown-he wears all sorts of bits and bobs he’s collected on his travels.

True Believer
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your interview with Joel and Ethan Coen (News & Notes). Each of their movies is a completely different work of art, from crazy farces like Raising Arizona to film noir like The Man Who Wasn’t There. I even loved The Ladykillers (how could anyone resist a movie with Tom Hanks and J.K. Simmons?).
Amy Flynn
Effingham, Ill.

Knockout New Show
I don’t watch either WWE Raw or mixed martial arts. But I saw the Lights Out premiere (TV), and the boiling point is just right in my opinion. I will continue to watch the show.
Keith Robin
Sunrise, Fla.

Farewell to Camelot
The History channel opted not to air The Kennedys because it ”is not a fit” for the brand (Insider). Meanwhile, shows about foul-mouthed pawnshop clerks and people who put forward theories about aliens building the Giza pyramids as fact are good fits for the brand? Seriously?
B. Wilson