Cee Lo Green's smash hit and Mumford & Sons' nominated song show that a bad word is having a big moment

In the Grammys’ 53-year history, no song with the word ”f — -” in its title has ever scored a nomination. Until now, that is: This year, Cee Lo Green’s irresistibly profane hit ”F — – You” has grabbed five nods, including one in the prestigious Song of the Year category. And Cee Lo’s tune isn’t the only F-bomb-heavy nominee. Mumford & Sons”’Little Lion Man,” up for Best Rock Song, prominently features the word in its chorus. ”I really give [the Grammys] props for not letting those lyrics sway them,” says Lisa Worden, music director of Los Angeles alternative station KROQ. ”I was pleasantly surprised.” So why are the Grammys getting behind these foulmouthed favorites? Probably because the tunes have a lot more to offer than mere novelty appeal. They’re just good songs, ”f — -” or no ”f — -.” So could this be the start of an awards-show trend? Nothing with the F-word in its title has ever been recognized by the Oscars, Golden Globes, or Emmys, but that other expletive seems to be doing okay: Showtime’s Penn & Teller: Bulls — -! has earned a whopping 15 Emmy nods. What the f