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Image Credit: Pixplanete/PR PhotosGeoff Stults, last seen on ABC’s Happy Town, will play “Locator” Walter Sherman in the April episode of Bones serving as a backdoor pilot for a potential spin-off series, EW has confirmed. The Hollywood Reporter first reported news of the long-awaited casting, which exec producer Stephen Nathan described as a tricky process to EW earlier this month. “You want to find people you want to see every single week do one unique character. That’s why when you have Hugh Laurie, who is essentially playing a very unlikable character, you love to see him. And that is a rare, rare quality to find,” he said. “The finder won’t be an unlikeable character, but because it is a unique character, it’s difficult to find just the right person.” Casting came down to the wire: The episode — which finds Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) traveling for a case to Key West, Fla., where the spin-off would be set — will shoot next month.

Walter Sherman is the central figure in “The Locator” novels by Richard Greener. Adapted for the Bones world, Sherman will be a former military policeman who served in Iraq with Booth. He has the ability to find people or things others can’t. The character has been described as “skeptical of every statement” and prone to asking “offensive, seemingly irrelevant questions, which, oddly enough, turn out to be extremely relevant.” Word is, he’ll butt heads with Booth, but Brennan will be fascinated by him.

What do you think? For me, this is perfect casting. Not only does Stults (who played semi-professional football in Europe before turning to acting) have the kind of build that will allow him to go toe-to-toe with Boreanaz — fun — he’s more importantly gonna be able to stand next to Michael Clarke Duncan, who’s been tapped to play Sherman’s partner, Leo. I assume the vibe of the spin-off would be similar to Bones, and from what I know of Stults, he’s got the guy’s guy charm of Seeley Booth and a sense of humor. Back in 2007, when I wrote that seeing him shirtless was one of the reasons to give October Road’s second (and final) season a chance, he left me a voicemail offering to come by my office so I could “do some ab watching.” Alas, that never happened, but when we chatted in April before Happy Town‘s premiere, he remembered the voicemail and said, “I owe you some nakedness.” He also told a great story about Gary Busey chasing him around a table in Puerto Vallarta with a kitchen knife after Geoff’s brother George (a fellow 7th Heaven alum) told Busey that Geoff said he could take him, and described, at length, his man crush on David Beckham. Add in his ability to play the soft, romantic side of a man’s man as seen on October Road, and what I’m saying is, he has a personality that I suspect fans of Seeley Booth will appreciate.

In conclusion, I would just add that he looks good with stubble, and his laid back Twitter pic is exactly what I imagine this character to look like. Thoughts?

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