Woody Woodpecker, Foghorn Leghorn, and more of our feathered friends who made the cut

It’s already cut world productivity levels in half. Now the gaming obsession could become a television series. Who should play those feathered fighters? We finally put that degree in fictional ornithology to use.

Basic Bird: Woody Woodpecker
As a redhead, Woody is the natural choice for the role, although he’ll have to tone down his cheery demeanor.

Blue Bird: Sam the Eagle
The Muppets’ resident grouch — we bet he hangs out a lot with Oscar — is already perpetually irate.

Egg Bird: Foghorn Leghorn
I say, I say, we know that roosters don’t lay eggs. But, boy, let me tell you what, I think he could just pull this off.

Boomerang Bird: Toucan Sam
Sam’s got the beak — thank goodness he never considered a nose job — to play this spinning destroyer.

Bomb Bird: Larry Bird
Precision is the key to exploding those pigs’ redoubts, so a great NBA free-thrower seems like a slam dunk.