Image Credit: FoxAfter just two weeks of auditions, season 10 of American Idol promises a lot of talent. Who do you love the most — is it one of the lucky “save the best for last” contestants like Travis Orlando, Paris Tassin, Chris Medina, or Lauren Alaina, each of whom enjoyed lengthy sob-story packages at the end of their episodes? Or are you rooting for more of a hidden gem — someone like Paul McDonald, whose few seconds of footage were intercut with two other singers’ so that we could barely get a sense of him? I need to SENSE Paul McDonald, you guys. Vote in our poll — or leave your own suggestions in the comments — after the break.

In case you missed it on PopWatch last night, check out the ‘Idol’ Audition Rounds Bingo Card (brought to you by EW’s Jef Castro, Darren Franich, and Kate Ward), and be sure to play next week.

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