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Image Credit: Nicole Rivelli/NBC30 Rock returned this week, and I had to curse their advance-filming schedule. As Liz Lemon gazed upon the New York skyline and admired the buildings that looked like severed robot penises, I noticed absolutely NO snow and slush. Does this mean everything I see on television isn’t real? (Don’t answer that.)

Anyway, the TV gods smiled upon us for at least pretending to move forward with production of Angie’s Bravo reality series, Queen of Jordan. Cameras set up at TGS to film Tracy in Angie’s absence, but now that Trey has an Oscar nom, he wanted to be one of those actors who owns an island. So, he chose to be on his very best behavior — if he acted boring, no footage would be used. Lemon decided to take advantage of this by getting Tracy to do all the work he had been avoiding, but trying to fight crazy with crazy only backfired. In easily one of my favorite moments of the episode, their fight culminated as they both made up words to Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl. You see, you can say what you want as long as it’s to the tune of a trademarked song. By the end of the episode, Trey and Liz made up with a hug and boob squish. All is right with the world.

Meanwhile, Jack was busy looking for a way to bring in the big bucks for GE/Kabletown. The solution? Celebrity benefits for natural disasters. But because it’s impossible to predict when, where, and which natural disaster will strike next, Jack Attack planned to pre-tape a benefit for every disaster imaginable (a tidal wave that destroys Washington, a tornado in a handgun store, and the second flood) thanks to the wisdom of the TGS writers. Lemon, who recently stole a cab from a pregnant woman on crutches, warned Jack of the bad karma to come from such a plan. And then, part of the ceiling fell on her. That should have been Jack’s first red flag, but business is business. He continued his benefit filming, and planned for more odd disasters: a mudslide in Denver, birds that attack humans, and super-intelligent sharks.

Sure enough, Jack got the disaster he wanted when a typhoon hit the South Pacific island, Mago. Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning was a go! And go it did, until Jack realized Mago was an island owned by the not-at-all-controversial actor, Mel Gibson and his house guest, Jon Gosselin. (An island owned by an actor! This show comes full circle, people.) I almost did a spit take when they said it was Gibson’s island. A quick Wikipedia search told me Gibson really does own Mago. (30 Rock: Fun and educational!) But because Jack is Jack, his plan didn’t backfire. The stunt brought in the most successful ratings since that “SVU episode where the detectives watched American Idol!”

Other episode highlights:

++ Lemon’s excuse for her bad employee ID photo: “I was holding in a snart. Don’t you want to know what a snart is?”

++ “I’m going to get a sandwich and eat it on the toilet.” –Tracy “let’s laugh together, friend” Jordan

++Learning Kenneth only sees a white haze when he looks in the mirror.

++ Tracy’s plans to buy two blimps to crash them into each other to see what sound they made.

++ Robert De Niro’s cameo! Jack called him Bob, and then threatened to tell MSNBC he really grew up in England.

++ Jenna threatening to “drop a D in the green room.”

++ “I know it’s fake, but dammit I miss him!” — Lemon after watching two actors make up as her and Tracy on Bravo’s Queen of Jordan.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Did you enjoy the side story of the writers competing for a spot in Lutz’s non-existent car? Do you, like Jack, believe that reality TV is the lifeblood of the industry? While you ponder that, I’m going to play this song and craft a glance that makes you only think this post has meaning.

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