People think Cougar Town is about adults who drink wine. They’re half right: It’s about adults who drink wine and make up stupid games to entertain themselves. Penny Can is the go-to, but last night’s game of custom hide-and-seek (pictured) is another instant classic. I know I enjoy wine as much as these lushes, so I started wondering if I’d be as playful if I lived in a cul-de-sac with my best friends and rarely had to work. I think so. I few years ago, a few friends and I visited a former colleague who’d moved to a different city. We wanted to stay in, and drink, and we somehow came up with the game PERV. I may have mentioned it on PopWatch before: Basically, you all take a few tiny slips of paper, and on each one, you write a sentence that you doubt anyone in the group could read aloud with a straight face. Think: “I want to [insert humorously detailed wording of a sex act] Eugene Levy.” (Note: We all loved Eugene Levy, but you can also use people you universally loathe. And not all thoughts need to be, in fact, pervy, but obviously some of them will be.) All the slips go into a hat, bag, bowl, whatever is handy, and you take turns reaching in and attempting to read aloud whichever one you grabbed. If you’ve picked your own, you put it back in and select again. It would make a good drinking game — you break while reading, you drink. We, however, just drank whenever we wanted.

Your turn. What is the stupidest game you and your friends have ever made up to entertain yourselves? Share it, and maybe it will catch on.

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