Last night, Discovery debuted Sons of Guns, a show about a Will Hayden’s Red Jacket custom gunsmith shop. It’s open for debate whether this is the precise right moment in American history to produce a series that positively glories in the exquisite charms of high-quality guns ‘n ammo. Still, there’s no denying the gearhead appeal of the show. On last night’s premiere, Hayden and his crack team of eccentric gunsmiths (think the supporting cast of Twister mixed with the supporting cast of Armageddon) tried to fire a 150-year-old cannon. (I’m pretty sure “fire a 150-year-old cannon” is on every American male’s bucket list. This is why women outnumber us at college.) The team also designed a silencer for a shotgun: check out the video below.

PopWatchers, did you watch Sons of Guns? Troubled by the implicit “right to bear arms” subtext? Can we all agree that if it’s possible to silence a shotgun than anything is possible?