By Hillary Busis
Updated January 27, 2011 at 11:23 PM EST

Throughout Saturday Night Live‘s august, 36-year history, there have been some truly weird host/musical guest pairings: Betty White & Jay-Z, John C. Reilly & My Chemical Romance, and Jamie Foxx & Blink-182 all immediately spring to mind. But this week’s show, which will be hosted by Social Network star and Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg with musical guest Nicki Minaj, may feature the oddest couple ever to grace Studio 8H.

Just look at this promo picture. Eisenberg is positively Zuckerbergian in a drab purple hoodie and button-down (looks like he inspired Kenan Thompson to go for the same look, too), while Nicki is dressed to impress in one of her trademark crazypants-chic outfits, complete with Barbie-pink lipstick and a snazzy wig. Now all we can do is see how they interact during the show.