Image Credit: Timur Nisametdinov/AP ImagesSo, Sean Connery has been immortalized in bronze by a Scottish club in Estonia. Peter Carter, the British ambassador to the tiny Baltic nation unveiled the bust today, saying, “Sir Sean Connery is, without a doubt, an icon … He is variously known as James Bond or the sexiest man of the century. He’s a great British actor, a great Scot actor and a great symbol for Scotland.”

He’s right. Connery is Bond and he was one of the sexiest movie stars of his or any time. So I have to ask two questions: You’re really going to immortalize James Bond in bronze for all time, and you go with the Old Connery with no hair? Secondly, when did Connery turn into Lenin?

I’m only okay with the bald Connery if the members of the Tallinn Scottish Club agree to apply iconic Connery hairpieces on a rotating monthly basis, starting with Ramius from The Hunt for Red October. What do you think, PopWatchers?