Ever-buzzy raptress Nicki Minaj just debuted her latest music video, for single “Moment 4 Life,” which features some rapping from the equally as buzzy Drake. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Minaj production without a semi-solid theme of complete wackiness: “Moment 4 Life” depicts a Cinderella-esque Minaj enjoying the best night of her life because she’s found love—in the form of Drake. (They even smootch at the end!) It also wouldn’t be a Minaj production without several crazy outfits, wigs, and costume changes. In fact, the best part of the video is during the intro—before the music starts—when Minaj plays both the Cinderella character and her fairy godmother. “I don’t know,” the Cinderella Minaj says. “I just feel like tonight is going to be amazing. It’s going to be a dream.” Ding ding! Then her fairy godmother—oh yeah, she’s got Nicki’s patented British accent going on the whole time—grants Cinderella Nicki the ability to have this magical, special, too-good-to-handle “Moment 4 Life.” Get it? Clever. And totally crazy. But that’s why we love her. I will say the video tends to cast the song in a bit more of a romantic way than I had thought about it by just listening to it—this has the potential to be a wedding/love song even! That’s special. Now check out the video here:

Love? Double love? Hate? Double hate? Lemme know.

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