In one corner: Kelsey Grammer, A(ish)-list Hollywood star, appearing on Regis & Kelly to talk about his cross-country honeymoon road trip with 29-year-old fiancée Kayte Walsh, and his love for his new lady. Except from the interview: “Somebody came and saw [La Cage aux Folles] several months into it and said to me, ‘You know what the show did for me today?’ She said, ‘It made me want more love in my life.’ And I suddenly realized that she expressed exactly how I felt. I’m not making any kind of suggestion about my past or anything else, I’m just saying what’s happened since I started in this La Cage thing is — this year’s journey has been about to sort of enhancing love in my life.” (By reluctantly kissing your future ex-wife on camera at the Tonys while your future fiancée hangs out in your apartment? I’ll say that’s enhancing!) See video of the interview here.

In the other corner: Camille Grammer, C-list reality star, appearing on a two-hour Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion to undoubtedly talk about her divorce from Kelsey — which was chronicled on the show — but mostly to squabble about like meaningless things “insecurities,” “bullying,” and “lives.”

Who wins the televised battle of the exes?

In my opinion: Camille, surprisingly. Kelsey might have got the girl, but Camille will likely get the blockbuster ratings. And, since she’s with Andy Cohen, unlimited access to booze. Win!

Who’s psyched for the two-hour reunion tonight?

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