Image Credit: David BjerkeThe idea of Alec Baldwin taking over Keith Olbermann’s MSNBC timeslot was an appealing if obviously ridiculous diversion. (It’s not happening. Duh.) But it did plant a seed: Can whoever replaces him please be funny and a little bit flashy? I nominate newsman and cutup Brian Williams. The Brian Williams Comedy Hour would rocket to the top of my DVR list.

Williams’ appearance on Morning Joe a few weeks ago, in which he slammed the New York Times for its obsession with Brooklyn, sealed the deal for me. Give this guy a consistent humor outlet, please!

I guess if MSNBC wants to stay serious, there are viable candidates on that front, too. My first choice is frequent Rachel Maddow Show guest Ana Marie Cox, with Glenn Greenwald from Salon as a close second.

Yank an eyelash and make a wish, PopWatchers: Who would you want to have a show on MSNBC?