Saturday Night Live - Season 42

On the 8th floor of a Macy’s department store in downtown Chicago sits an oil painting of Saturday Night Live star Seth Meyers. According to a report from WBEZ — the home of This American Life, and if this isn’t a tailor-made TAL story, I don’t know what is — Meyers sat for the portrait roughly five years ago as a gift-bag bonus for a charity event. “I explained… that my goal was to get a giant oil painting of myself for my brother,” Meyers said. “I got the proofs, but paying for the portrait was prohibitively expensive. I seriously considered it, but it seemed wasteful to drop that kind of money for something my brother might hate.”

So apparently Seth Meyers is not so keen on spending $5,500 on his own image. Fine. But just look at that pose! His left arm resting firmly on his left knee, and his head in turn resting just so on his left hand; his apparently double-jointed right elbow jauntily holding up his body; his expression evoking a subtle insouciance, as if to say, “Oh, hey there, yeah, I’m posing for a painting right now, what’s up with you these days?” The question should really be how much wouldn’t you pay for this evocative masterpiece? No, really, I’m asking: How much is too much for an ironic portrait of Seth Meyers? Let’s start the (fake) bidding at $50, shall we? [via A.V. Club]

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Saturday Night Live - Season 42
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