Image Credit: Stephen Scott/Temple Street ProductionsLast season’s finale of the Canadian time travel drama Being Erica ended with a huge cliffhanger. The mysterious Dr. Tom presented Erica with a hallway of different doors to walk through. Erica made some difficult life decisions — starting her own publishing company, breaking up with her near-perfect boyfriend Ethan — and finally chose her door. In last night’s premiere, we finally got to see what was on the other side.Despite the episode’s title “Rabbit Hole,” there weren’t any bizarro-Wonderland surprises, just four people sitting in a circle on foldout chairs. Dr. Tom told Erica she’d entered “Phase Two” of her journey as a patient — basically, group therapy with time travel — and the four individuals are Dr. Tom’s other patients.

Hold on a sec. Dr. Tom’s other patients? It comes as a surprise to Erica, too, and not necessarily a welcome one. Before, we all assumed Dr. Tom was a one-patient kind of guy, but it turns out he’s been sneaking around, time-traveling behind Erica’s back all along. Even though Erica’s not thrilled that her relationship with Dr. Tom isn’t exclusive, the group brings an intriguing dynamic to the show. As a group, they’re able to go on journeys into each other’s pasts, and, in turn, make discoveries about their own lives. Each of the four new characters seemed to fill a certain therapy group “type”: Camilla, the know-it-all; Rebecca, the anxious, insecure one; Darryl, the emotionless, robotic one; and Adam, the angry one. Confirming a lot of your predictions, in the next phase, the patients will become time travel doctors themselves — but, as Dr. Tom said, that won’t happen any time soon.

First up, Erica joined Adam on a very Lostian flashback. Adam regretted that he wasn’t with his mom when she died because he was too busy working. Adam and Erica were thrown back to 2002, directly into a foot chase from the police — Adam, an enforcer for a loan shark, had just stolen some very expensive watches — and after Adam pulls Erica into a very impressive drop-and-roll stunt, they manage to lose the authorities. There was some definite Erica-Adam romantic foreshadowing: Adam is brooding and just generically handsome enough, and they spent just enough time panting, lips inches from each other (a la The Wedding Planner) that they’re bound to be hooking up in no time. She’s already a good influence on him: Erica managed to convince Adam to be with his mom at her deathbed.

Back in present day, Erica was having a power struggle with her former boss and current business partner Julianne. Her friend Dave and his partner Ivan bickered through the opening of their new coffee joint, Goblins Espresso Bar. And she seemed to be on the verge of losing her publishing company’s first author.

There was so much going on in this episode that it was hard to see how everything fit together, but if it’s anywhere near as good as the first two, this season has a lot of intriguing new territory to explore. So what did you think of the premiere? Do you like Dr. Tom’s other patients? Will Erica make a good doctor? Did you know Dave was gay? And where the heck was Kai?