Image Credit: FXArcher returns tonight! Yay, my favorite foul-mouthed espionage cartoon is finally back for its second season. For anyone who ever crowded around a dorm-room computer to watch episodes of Sealab 2021 or Frisky Dingo, Archer feels like the natural next step. But it’s also a bit more ambitious (not to mention raunchy) than its predecessors with narrative arcs that lightly carry over episode-to-episode. Why isn’t everyone watching this show? The world’s just a really stubborn place that hates laughing and being awesome, I guess.

To the delight of its fans and the dismay of all others, Archer is eminently quotable. The one I find myself using time and time again comes from my favorite episode, “Skytanic,” and has Archer and Lana bickering, as is their wont. “Why do you always do this?” she moans. “Why do you always not shut up?” he snaps back. Perfect. Why do you always not shut up. I smell an epitaph…

Are you as obsessed with Archer as I am, PopWatchers? What’s the line you find yourself repeating over and over?