Every singer who auditions on American Idol is wonderful in their own way. They’re all beautiful, unique snowflakes…but there’s so many of them that the audition round can star to feel like a veritable snowpocalypse of hopeful warbling. Brrrrrrrr, chilly! Stay warm during tonight’s episode by playing along with EW’s American Idol Audition Bingo. Be sure to mark off the appropriate boxes when an adorable 15-year-old performs a song from before 1995, when Steven Tyler wears a highly specific piece of ridiculous clothing, or when a victorious auditioneer plays the old “I didn’t get a golden ticket JUST KIDDING I GOT A GOLDEN TICKET!” prank on their anxious family. (“Dawg!” is the free space, of course.) While you’re playing along, chat about tonight’s episode down in the comments. Be sure to check back here in the morning for Annie Barrett’s full recap. (Update: Annie’s recap is live!) For now, click forward for the full Bingo Board:

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