Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS ; ABCJudging by your comments on our news item that Regis plans to depart the eponymous show, you’ve got a lot of ideas about who should replace him. There’s no shortage of candidates, and many of them have appeared on Live in the past few years since Regis has been working a Monday-Thursday schedule. What many of these wannabes have proved is that Regis actually has a pretty challenging gig. In fact, the job description to replace him would read something like this:

National daily talk show looking for spontaneous, quick-witted, and funny man who can banter about everything from baseball to push-up bras. Must have excellent interview skills, but promise not to go all 60 Minutes on a celebrity who is experiencing divorce, drug addiction, or other difficulties. Think more James Lipton than Charlie Rose. The ideal candidate should be handsome, telegenic and genially cranky. (It’s okay to hate the snow or lines at Starbucks, but not Obama or Sarah Palin.) Must be able to spin a prize wheel without stealing any moves from Pat Sajack. Perks include: five-hour work week, some travel, and sitting next to an attractive, vivacious blonde every morning.

Pretty much every name in America except mine has been bandied about for a replacement. And, of them, our vote goes to Jeff Probst.

He’s lively. He’s intelligent. And he’s had to interview some true nimrods during Survivor‘s many tribal councils. (We’re talking to you, Coach!) He’s good with animals of the jungle and human variety. He has the ability to draw out the most reticent players and make them look interesting. He always appears to be engaged in his job and conscious of making good TV. Plus, click here to see his chemistry with Kelly.

Word is that his contract with Survivor is up in May. Perfect timing. Are you willing to get behind EW’s campaign? If not, who is your choice? And has Regis’ retirement announcement made you care about his show more than you have in years?

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