Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Even by the high standards of ’80s cartoons, Thundercats was pretty bananas. Mixing futuristic science-fiction with sword-and-sorcery fantasy, the fondly remembered series also featured an intriguing central plotline, in which the last survivors of a dying civilization flee to a mysterious planet called Third Earth. (Think Battlestar Galactica as re-enacted by the cast of Cats.) Cartoon Network will relaunch the show later this year, and the first official image of the new-look cast has now been released. Lion-O looks trimmer, more like a track star played by Matt Damon than a professional wrestler played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Cheetara’s costume is still magnificently revealing, but she’s replaced her bad ’80s hair with bad Ke$ha hair. Panthro looks like a cross between the Gray Hulk and Barret from Final Fantasy VII, and if you understand why both of those characters are awesome, then marry me. And Tygra looks basically the same. Thundercats, ho!

PopWatchers, are you excited about the Thundercats reboot? Think they’ll try to find a way to sex up Snarf? Am I the only one who’s worried Mumm-Ra might seem like an accidental Bin Laden-esque figure?