What a fun, sexy time the Real Housewives of Orange County will have season 6! Stripper poles! Gold-digging! Vaginal Rejuvenation! Bikinis! More bikinis! Even more bikinis! My god, how many bikinis must one housewife own?! But based on this promo for the season — which premieres March 6 — there’s also plenty of clouds hovering over the Real Housewives‘ sunny existences: Vicki’s marriage with Don begins to fall apart, Tamra and Jeana engage in a poolside fight (like there’s any other kind), and Tamra fights away the paparazzi while going to court for a restraining order. (The latter is an interesting scene, since we very rarely see the show reference the fact that these women are, well, sort of famous.) Also, two new ladies: Former model Peggy Tanous and gay Brazilian fitness instructor Fernanda Rocha. Feel the need to suck yourself into a dark hole of depression and diamonds? Well, click the jump!

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