Image Credit: PRN/PR PhotosMuch like her marriage, Heidi Montag refuses to let her music career aspirations die.

A little more than a year after Heidi Montag’s album Superficial sold less than 1,000 copies in its first week, the former reality show star is back with her new song, “Heartbeat.” (Listen below… if you dare.)

Truth be told, the song is not bad, per se — more like painfully forgettable. In fact, I didn’t actually realize I’d listened to three minutes of the song until I looked at the countdown. There’s no build, no punchy beat that would make it danceable in a severely inebriated state (See: “Black Out“), no tonal change… and possibly no music at all. Yes, this could all be a dream, and “Heartbeat” could simply be my mind processing the muffled sounds of music blaring from a neighboring bodega. Thus, this would be a non-post about a non-song by a person that is most definitely not 100 percent real.

What about you, Mixers? Any non-thoughts about “Heartbeat”?

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