We’re getting closer to the final round of our Big Shill bracket game, PopWatchers. Hearts will be broken. Minds will be blown. Beloved pitchmen, pitch-women, and pitch-creatures will duel in the sand, until only one remains. It’s just like a gladiator duel, except with charming animals and charismatic nameless humans. In today’s match-up, you must make two terrible decisions:

Tony the Tiger vs. the GEICO Gecko


The Snapple Lady vs. The Old Spice Guy

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Product: Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes

Debut year: 1951

Catchphrase: “They’re Grrrreat!”

Claim to fame: He brings out the tiger in you. He beat out three other potential mascots for the long-term gig: Katy the Kangaroo, Newt the Gnu, and Elmo the Elephant.

Strength: He’s got a great voice. He knows the value of a good breakfast — and patience. He would only let the children with him accept physical challenges after they ate the cereal. (Watch Tony and Jerry O’Connell bobsled.)

Weakness: Adults may have grown to love the taste, but Tony seems to take a backseat when they’re the target demo.


Product: GEICO

Debut year: 1999

Catchphrase: Can an accent be a catchphrase?

Claim to fame: The tiny green bloke is a vehicular insurance savant obsessed with saving customer’s money.

Strength: Don’t be misled by his cuteness — the Gecko is no one’s clown. He’ll steamroll you with facts, and you’ll thank him for it.

Weakness: No one likes a know-it-all. Also, lacks eyelids.


Product: Snapple beverages

Debut year: 1993

Catchphrase: “Made from the best stuff on earth!”

Claim to fame: Real-life Snapple employee Wendy Kaufman began answering letters sent to the company, some ad execs took a shine to her, and the rest is advertising history.

Strength: A New Jersey fan asked her to the prom — and, be honest, she is so instantly appealing, you’re kinda jealous you hadn’t thought to do the same.

Weakness: Opening all those letters is bound to lead to a fair number of paper cuts.


Product: Old Spice body wash

Debut year: 2010

Catchphrase: “Swan dive!”

Claim to fame: The virile renaissance man (played by Isaiah Mustafa) is everything you or your man is not, but at least there is a chance of smelling as great as he does.

Strength: Where do we begin? He can bake a gourmet cake in the dream kitchen he built for you with his own two hands. Plus, he’s on a horse.

Weakness: Does he even know what a swan dive is? Because that’s not a swan dive.