Image Credit: ABCConfession: I’m addicted to Pretty Little Liars (or as my friend calls it, Tween Peaks), but I have one major beef with the show: I … cannot keep all the dude characters straight. Other than Mr. Fitz, pretty much everyone kind of blends together. Ian? Detective guy? Wren? Jason? Sorry, fellas, but everyone’s strong eyebrows, square jawlines, and brooding brunet stylings just run together in my head. Toby? Are you the same as phone-hacker kid from last night? Yes, yes you are. Lucas and Spencer’s tennis boyfriend are pretty much interchangeable, too.

There are shows that beg to be dissected and obsessed over, religiously cataloged and endlessly analyzed. Heck, in the last few days I have started following a blog called Fox Mulder’s Wristwatch (which is just stills from The X-Files where you can see Mulder’s watch) and pored over a map of the Battlestar Galactica star system. I like a good obsession! But Pretty Little Liars‘ dude confusion is hampering my hunger to know who A is.

Admit it, PopWatchers: Are you even bothering to keep track of all the guys on PLL? Or is it just about the fearsome foursome for you, too?

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