Image Credit: Jose HaroThis morning’s Academy Award nominations ended up going mostly to plan. The King’s Speech with the most nods? Check. Tons of acting love for The Fighter? Check. But a few things caught my eye. Here are my five biggest surprises of the morning.

True Grit places second with 10 nominations Would mega-producer Scott Rudin ever have thought that his Coen brothers Western would earn more overall nods than his other contender, the critics-award-sweeping The Social Network? Thanks to the acting branch’s slight of Andrew Garfield and the inclusion of the Coens in Best Director, Grit ended up scoring two more nominations than Network.

No Christopher Nolan for Best Director I knew we’d have a triple nominee this morning for producing, writing, and directing, but I thought it would be Nolan, not the Coens. Nolan, the mastermind behind Inception, did manage nods for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay, but why can’t he get any props from the directors branch?

Where’s Waiting for “Superman”? The documentary branch is often a little, shall we say, quirky, but I never thought they would overlook Davis Guggenheim’s Producers Guild-winning exposé of American public schools.

The Town gets skunked Besides supporting-actor contender Jeremy Renner, Ben Affleck’s widely adored thriller was ignored. My hunch is that the film was on more voters’ ballots than some of the actual nominees, but was listed mostly in sixth or seventh place instead of second or third.

A Biutiful day for Javier Bardem The BAFTA nod presaged it, but after being overlooked by the Globes and SAG, Bardem became the first Spanish-language Best Actor nominee ever (his nominated performance in Before Night Falls was in both English and Spanish). He’ll be sending his friend and campaigner Julia Roberts a huge bouquet of flowers today, I’m sure.

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