Lawrence O’Donnell eulogized Keith Olbermann last night on The Last Word, which has taken over Countdown‘s 8 p.m. timeslot. Easy does it, Lawrence! We get it! You really like Keith Olbermann. Come for the hagiography, stay for the Aaron Sorkin name-dropping.

O’Donnell, one of the producers for The West Wing (and the guy who played President Bartlet’s father in a flashback), compared Olbermann to Aaron Sorkin, saying:

Are we really comparing weaving season-long arcs and creating distinct character voices to a cable news show? Really? I say this as someone who likes Keith Olbermann: Come on. (That said, this does make me think Olbermann and Sorkin would get along smashingly.)

Did you find O’Donnell’s praise overly effusive, PopWatchers? Or are you with Olbo?