Image Credit: Bob D’Amico/ABCLet them entertain you! To your left, see Anne Hathaway and first-time Academy Award nominee James Franco posing for an official Oscar photo promoting their hosting duties on Feb. 27. And besides Hathaway looking like she stole Hilary Swank’s 2005 Oscar dress — and James Franco looking like he’s posing for a senior photo in high school — we learn… nothing from this picture. Nothing! Come on, guys — can’t you give us at least a hint of what you’ll bring to the ceremony next month? Too much to ask for you to, say, dress as Rob Lowe and Snow White to tease your future song-and-dance number? Sigh. Instead, I’ll just have to use my imagination to make the photo more interesting. I choose to believe that’s actually Neil Patrick Harris hiding in the statue, ready to burst out for another show-stopping (or show-starting?) opening number. Or that it’s a really, really big piece of chocolate. Either way: Yum.

Have any guesses as to what James Franco and Anne Hathaway will do on their big night? And could we possibly have any more Oscar content on our site today?

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