Image Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage.comHe famously turned down a chance to join the luxuriously coiffed panel—”I was asked to judge American Idol,” he told the Daily Mail last fall. “I couldn’t do it because I won’t slag anyone off”—but Elton John does have a few ideas for improving the show, now in its tenth season.

MTV spoke to the music legend about the upcoming American version of X Factor, a.k.a. the project that lured Simon Cowell and his fitted tees away from Idol, and he had this to say:

X Factor is going to be a huge show. It’s going to be huge, because you can have bands on there, and that’s one thing I wanted to change, if I had been on American Idol, ” John told the channel. “Get away from the solo stuff. Let’s have bands, let’s have writers, let’s have songwriters, let’s change the format a little, and that’s why X Factor is going to do so well, because it’s a different lineup. You can have bands and groups. That’s more interesting, I think.”

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