There’s been a flurry of pilot pickups over the last 24 hours and I’ve been waiting for a truly intriguing one to kick off a rundown post and — hello — we have a winner: ABC has ordered a crime drama where Edger Allen Poe solves mysteries.

I know. It sounds like some kind of dream within a dream. But here’s the official description for Poe: “Crime procedural following Edgar Allan Poe as the world’s very first detective, using unconventional methods to investigate dark mysteries in 1840s Boston.”

Thus quoth the raven: “What the f–k?”

If the show makes it to air and becomes a hit, what’s next? POE: Miami? Ernest Hemingway: Medical Examiner?

Literary figures are actually in vogue this pilot season with a couple Sherlock Holmes projects in the works too. And thing is, I’m making fun of this idea, but I would watch Poe in a heartbeat over most other more conventional shows that make it to this stage.

Here’s some other projects picked up:

— ABC’s Pan Am project is moving to pilot. Another intriguing period drama, this one is described as “a sexy soap set against the Jet-Age, focusing on the stewardesses and pilots and their glamorous world full of exciting adventures.”

— ABC’s Lost and Found is a multi-camera comedy about “a narcissistic New York City bartender and party girl has her life turned upside down when the conservative 18 year old son she gave up for adoption shows up on her doorstep.”

— ABC’s Work It, another multi-cam comedy, is about “two out of work car salesmen realize that it is now a woman’s world and decide that in order to find work again and succeed they are going to have to dress as women to get jobs as pharmaceuticals reps. Doing this inadvertently makes them better men, husbands and fathers but also makes them appreciate the sanctuary of their guy’s nights at the local bar where they can really be themselves.”

–NBC’s Special Investigations L.A., a drama in the style of Traffic, set in the world of crime, law enforcement, and politics in modern-day Los Angeles.

Pilot development sheet: Here’s what’s been picked up so far