Credit: Niko Tavernise

Image Credit: Niko TaverniseThere may be one person more pleased about Darren Aronofsky‘s Best Director nomination for Black Swan. “I’m going to Florida — my mom turned 70 yesterday,” Aronofsky tells EW. “My son and I are flying down there to surprise her. She doesn’t know. Yes, but she was the first phone call, of course [to congratulate me].”

And, we bet, far from the last. Though Black Swan was recognized as an Oscar front-runner throughout the awards season, Aronofsky is surprised that so many people (and award voters) have responded to the film — especially considering its dark, psychological content. “It’s very insane,” he says. “Look, you don’t go in with expectations, especially when you are making a film that’s scary and psychological and not common. I’m really happy that the Academy is recognizing this kind of movie. It’s very exciting.

(Reporting by Sara Vilkomerson)

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