Larry King stopped by Conan last night to chat about everything from his new career as a stand-up comic (…really!) to his buddy Ryan Seacrest. As it turns out, the two TV staples are BFF. In fact, they're so close that, according to King, Seacrest has taken it upon himself to make sure the older man dresses stylishly.

"He was at my house for dinner one night, and he says to me, 'How can you wear those jeans?'" King explained. "I said, 'What's wrong with my jeans?' They're, like, $29 jeans. [Ed note: Does Larry think that's expensive or cheap for a pair of pants?] … Where you have a lotta room beneath the crotch. You know, they're like overalls. So he says, 'I don't like those. You've gotta wear sharp jeans.' And since then — this is like, seven years now — he's been my jeans supplier. He sends me jeans. They even put the buttonholes on for suspenders."

So there you have it: Ryan Seacrest is Larry King's fashion guru. It makes a twisted kind of sense, doesn't it? Watch the video of King's Conan interview below; the jeans-talk starts around the 6:48 mark.

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