Image Credit: Jojo WhildenChristian Bale, c’mon down! After dozens of dedicated, textured, surprising performances — notably Empire of the Sun, Velvet Goldmine, American Psycho, Laurel Canyon, The Machinist, Batman Begins, Rescue Dawn, The Prestige, and 3:10 to Yuma — the Academy has finally recognized the actor for his supporting performance in The Fighter. I’m not going to scream, “It’s about time,” but, well… it is.

The Oscar nod allows us to remove Bale from EW’s list of Greatest Actors Never to Receive a Nomination. Last year, Bale was planted near the top of EW’s criminally never-nominated list, which still includes the likes of Donald Sutherland, Jim Carrey, Richard Gere, and Gary Oldman.

Mark Ruffalo, James Franco, and five other actors joined Bale in celebrating their first Oscar nomination, but clearly, there are many deserving actors and actresses whose phone refuses to ring. Carrey was great in I Love You Phillip Morris. Sam Rockwell was superb in Conviction. Others you take for granted — like Alan Rickman, Dennis Quaid, Peter Sarsgaard, and Jennifer Jason Leigh — because you assume they already received at least one nomination for one of their many amazing past performances. Nope.

So with Bale off the hook, who’s the greatest working actor today still lacking a nomination. Is it Sutherland, who topped our list last year? Or what about Jeff Daniels, Steve Buscemi, Mia Farrow, Eli Wallach, John Turturro, or Brian Cox.

Whose omission is the biggest crime? And who is most likely to get off this notorious list next year?

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