Every time we post a story about Syfy’s Being Human, we get comments about how much people loooove the UK original. Well, this is great news for you: The highly anticipated third season is coming to the U.S. on BBC America, and sooner than you might think.

Being Human season 3 — which just debuted in the UK a few days ago — will premiere on the stateside cable network on Saturday, Feb. 19.

“A third season is a unique opportunity because it allows you to take all the best bits of season one and season two,” creator Toby Whithouse says. “What we took from season one is the domestic element and very strong stories of the week with very strong guest characters. Season two had much more of an epic sweep and a breadth of ambition. Season three has allowed us to combine all those things.”

Being Human follows four friends — two werewolves, a ghost and a vampire — coping with the supernatural challenges in their lives while trying to blend in with their human neighbors. The showdown last season has George, Nina and Mitchell fleeing their house in Bristol and are now looking for a new place to rent in Wales, while Annie remains stuck in purgatory.

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  • 96 minutes