That’s true, Brad. But if those dates happen on The Bachelor, they will also undoubtedly involve one or more of the following: public declarations of cheating, confrontations in the hot tub, mountain sports performed on the side of a building, and dinner by a large body of water. Tonight’s episode was no exception! While I won’t spoil the mystery of Michelle’s black eye here (click over to my full Bachelor episode 4 recap and Chris Harrison’s exclusive Bachelor blog for more on that), I will say that I am now pulling for Emily 150,000%, based almost entirely on the previews of the incredibly tasteless date she endures in next week’s episode. But more on that later. What did you think of tonight’s installment of Brad’s “journey,” rose lovers? And would you rather spend a first date dangling off of a building or strolling the sea floor with a giant round helmet on your head?

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