Image Credit: Theo Wargo/WireImage.comNeil Diamond turns 70 today, and even though the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee seems to have deserted us on Twitter — his last tweet was on New Year’s Eve and linked to funny animal voiceovers — we’re still going to celebrate him. We can’t write “Happy Birthday Neil Diamond!” in the sky like someone did Sunday over the Bel-Air hills, but perhaps we can take a moment to each write a sentence describing our love for the man. I’ll give you a few ideas:

• My key chain is a silver guitar with the words “Neil Diamond World Tour 2008” on it.

• My favorite mug says “Diamond Girl,” and it’s from 2001.

• I had this semi-hideous floral/lace/sequin shirt I only felt comfortable wearing once — to a Neil Diamond concert.

• After multiple karaoke attempts, I’ve had to accept that “I Am… I Said” is not in my vocal range.

• Some people like to pretend they’re too cool to sing along to “Sweet Caroline”: I am not. (If I’ve been drinking, and I’m in the top row of Madison Square Garden at a Neil concert, I will apparently even throw in some bah-bah-bah hip action.)

• I got chills the first time I heard Neil Diamond’s version of “Midnight Train to Georgia.”

• I was secretly jealous when my sister got to do a baton routine to “America” for the Junior Miss pageant.

• I can’t help it, I think “Play Me” is beautiful.

• I’d put Neil’s “Hell Yeah” right up there with Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt.”

• I don’t care if he won the first ever Razzie for Worst Actor for The Jazz Singer, his delivery of the line, “Suddenly you find you’re out there, walking in a storm” on “Love on the Rocks” is epic.

• I still think the video below is hot…

Your turn.