Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Record 20902344By tomorrow morning, Natalie Portman will have accomplished more this week than most of us do in a lifetime, adding an all-but-certain Oscar nomination for Black Swan to the $20 million opening she already racked up for her rom-com, No Strings Attached, this weekend. And that’s on top of the news that she’ll have five movies in theaters this year. Five! Come on, Natalie: You’re making the rest of us look bad.

The success of both Black Swan and No Strings Attached proves that Portman can pull off just about any genre. But let’s imagine for a second that you’re her manager, plotting her next move. Would you advise a comedy or a drama? Things to keep in mind: She already has the stoner fantasy Your Highness coming out in April, followed by the big-budget Thor in May. And theoretically, she’ll be taking a little time off in the coming months to welcome a bouncing baby into her life. She may well win an Oscar this March, so it might be a good idea to add a little levity to her image with something lighthearted. But in that case, wouldn’t you also want to capitalize on her post-Oscar clout to set up a heavy-hitting passion project, like, say A Tale of Love and Darkness, the Israeli memoir that Portman has said she’d like to direct someday?

Okay, PopWatchers: Put on your best Hollywood hotshot face (spray tan, shades, Bluetooth) and pick Portman’s next part: Should it be a comedy or a drama? Or something else entirely?

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