AOL is getting into the late-night game, with Kevin Smith, Adam Carolla, and Kevin Pollak joining forces for a nightly online video series.

All three men already have popular online programs or podcasts: Smith — who has had a busy week at Sundance — has his Smodcast Network, Pollak has Chat Show and there’s The Adam Carolla Show. Now AOL is teaming with those existing shows to create a daily video series.

“The first time I ever went online was via AOL,” Smith says. “That means I’ve been a paying member for over 15 years — all without knowing I was investing in my own future. I look forward to many battles over what’s considered too risque for their family-oriented service.”

“Ever since I could spell, AOL has been on my radar. It brings me great joy to finally partner up with them and make my childhood dreams come true. I look forward to our future together,” Carolla says.

“In 2011, I just hope Adam, Kevin and I can do for AOL what McMillan & Wife, McCloud, and Columbo did for ABC’s Mystery Wheel in the 1970s,” Pollak says. “That is, change the way people feel about themselves, forever more.”

The plan is to run original content Monday through Thursday, then serve up a best-of-the-week program on Friday nights.

“We’ve seen this trend where these podcasts will generate these huge built-in audiences, ” says Amber J. Lawson, head of programming at AOL Media. “We want to give their fans another opportunity to experience that content.”

AOL Late Night includes highlights from iTunes king The Adam Carolla Show, as well as Kevin Pollack’s Chat Show, where the men interview celebrities and other notable names, and Smith’s SModcast, which has Smith, Scott Mosier and friends. The program launches tonight at 10 p.m. on

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