Kathie Lee and Hoda are fully embracing their image as morning television’s most festive lushes. Heck, Kathie Lee even went so far as to do a keg stand on Friday’s The Tonight Show, which the Today show gleefully re-aired this morning, just in case the booze-friendly among us had other engagements. Impressive! Or a little frightening? Well, either way:

“Isn’t it odd drinking well before noon? It’s not like it’s four o’clock — it’s really 10 in the morning,” Jay Leno marveled. “You really get used to it,” Kathie Lee responded, not missing a beat. Heh.

Between Kathie Lee and Hoda, Cougar Town, and Life Unexpected, I feel like day-drinking is really coming into the mainstream! I blame/thank Mad Men. Have you embraced your inner Kathie Lee during sunshine hours, PopWatchers?

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